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Bas-relief Domizio Enobarbo Altar

Bas-relief Domizio Enobarbo Altar

The bas-relief is freely inspired by the Domizio Enobarbo altar, preserved in Munich, Glyptothek, but sculpted in Rome in 100 – 70 b.C. Two of the Nereides are here represented while riding sea beasts and heading a procession of Amphitrite and Poseidon themselves. The Nereides are daughters of the god Nereus and of the nymph Doris and maids of the sea gods.
Manufacturer: : Museum Pompeii
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Reproduction of object of Roman art, the relief is freely inspired by the Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus, more properly called the Statuary group base of Domitius Ahenobarbus, is a series of four sculpted marble plaques which probably decorated a base which supported cult statues in the cella of a Temple of Neptune located in Rome on the Field of Mars. The sculpted panels are still visible today, with one portion on display at the Louvre and another at the Glyptothek in Munich.

The so-called Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus is a work of the late Republican Roman sculpture from the temple of Mars (or Neptune) located under the church of San Salvatore in Campo at the Circus Flaminius and according to Pliny the Elder, made up a base for statues (5.65 x 1.75 meters long and 78 cm high) were resting sculpture of Neptune, Amphitrite, Achilles and the Nereids, copy by Scopas. The work is dated to 113 BC The complete work was composed in four slabs partially preserved in the Louvre in Paris and partly to the Glyptotek in Monaco.

- Material: terracotta sculpture, bas-relief composed of 4 parts.
- Height: approx. 35 cm - 13.8 inches.
- Length: approx. 122 cm - 48 inches.
- Features: excellent resistance to all weather conditions: sun, rain, wind, frost, ice and durability in time.

The product of terracotta, reproduction of object of Roman art.
The product of terracotta, reproduction is made, following with great care and attention the traditional techniques, diffused in Roman times and abandoned with time.

Entirely handmade terracottas, we follow the Ancient Greek and Roman techniques: Every piece is therefore unique.


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Below are two original plates kept at the Glyptotek in Monaco.

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