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Medieval Shop - Avalon Shop

Negozio Medievale - Avalon Shop

Avalon Shop
Avalon Libreria Editoriale Sibilla
Via Sant'Ugo 6 R
16135 Genova
+39. 010.2723934


The Bottega di Avalon - A CRAFT SHOP ... BUT EVEN VIRTUAL

Avalon Shopit is aimed at a market that until recently was considered niche.

The opening of AvalonCeltic.com has overturned and re-mediated the classic principle of the artisan workshop, always linked to local artists: it was born as a Web Portal with the aim of creating a network between some craft workshops and antique objects (especially Medieval and Sculptural High Quality), re-inserts the Avalon Genoese workshop into a global context extending a niche market to a mass of enthusiasts who, by logistical problems, would not be able to reach the store.

The various craft shops in Avalon are located not only in the North and Central Italy, but also in Ireland, Norway, Spain and France. Moreover ... "Les Etains du Graal", for example, is a prestigious French company that produces high quality sculptures.

Within the site You will find a series of fantasy, medieval, art sculptures, precious dolls in bisquit and more.

The interesting thing is that in AvalonCeltic you can really find everything about Troll, Folletti, Fate but not only. There are specific sections dedicated to the Lord of the Rings, and to medieval objects such as swords, helmets, etc., and you can also buy fantasy books and ancient knowledge, an otherwise unobtainable cd. Here, not only collectors find what they are looking for. Everyone has the ability to buy custom items at reasonable prices.

Ultimately Avalonceltic.com does not originate from a hit market (as it may be that of cd, dvd, books, etc.) but ... goes against current

It is part of a market that is already niche (medieval objects) and completes it by creating hits giving the buyer the opportunity to own an art item that he probably would not have thought ...



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