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Arm Armour

All of our functional Medieval Protection of the arms, you can choose which type of steel you would like it made from and can be made in different gauges of steel. All our steel Arm Armour are fully functional and are adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Spaulders are pieces of armour in a harness of plate armour, they are steel covering the shoulder with bands (lames) joined by straps of leather or rivets.

Pauldrons cover the shoulder area, tend to be larger than spaulders, covering the armpit and parts of the back and chest. A pauldron typically consists of a single large dome-shaped piece to cover the shoulder (the "cop") with multiple lames attached to it to defend the arm and upper shoulder. On some suits of armour, especially those of Italian design, the pauldrons would usually be asymmetrical, with one pauldron covering less (for mobility) and sporting a cut-away to make room for a lance rest.

The usage of a lance rest can be more readily gleaned by looking at the French term "arrêt", or "arrest". The lance rest was not used to simply hold the weight of the lance, as the English name might suggest, but to arrest the rearward movement of the weapon.

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