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Medieval Armor (wearable)

Medieval Armor (wearable)

Wearable medieval armor (shiny) made of steel, handmade with wood base and steel sword.
Manufacturer: : Medieval Armor
Product SKU: 008.03

Wearable medieval armor (shiny), characterized by patches of smooth, rounded and composed of a riding helmet with a ridge tile spheroid low. Fans raised on the nose, right where they are docked 1 +8 vents placed rosettes. View prominent forehead, cracked eye backward, rivets and coietto insurance. Helmet (can be replaced with another type for your choice). Armor of this type were made by master gunsmiths Milan, first half of 1500, commissioned by nobles and leaders from across Europe.

Armour comes in mild steel (cold-rolled).

Entirely made in Italy, steel, processed by hand, with leather straps to be worn.

Important Info: Overall Height: 6 1/2 ft. Weight: 75 lbs. (Size 185 x 85 x 43 cm - Weight 35 kg.)

Made of steel and handmade wearable is fully equipped with wooden base and bearing steel sword.


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Base price 1785,00 €
Base price for variant 1785,00 €
Variant price modifier:
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sale Price1785,00 €
Price1785,00 €
Tax amount
Price / kg:
1) Head circumference
just above the ears, center of the forehead, including headset cotton (if used)
Steel finish Tooltip
4) Chest circumference

Measured along breast (bust)
10) Total height (cm or in)



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