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Medieval Armor History

Medieval Armor History

Medieval Armor History: Count Galeazzo of Arc, half of the fifteenth century, made by master gunsmith Tommaso Negroli Milan and now preserved in the castle of Churburg in Alto-Adige.
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In the Middle Ages armor du were developed to such an extent that protected all parts of the body not just the torso and head.

Medieval armor was worn by knights, made of iron (steel), 1.2 to 1.8 mm thick or so, weighing about 25-30 kg. this type of armor was very expensive for the material used and workmanship, was only worn by nobles and made the knight almost unbeatable.

Medieval Armor is fully wearable and functional.

Medieval armor includes all armor parts shown in the picture.

Medieval armor consists of the following parts:

1st - Helmet Barbuta opening surface "T", or opening "Y" for the eyes, nose and mouth. All steel and handcrafted. (Thickness choices: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm.) Helmet in use by heavy cavalry in Germany and Burgundy in the late Middle Ages.

2nd - Gorilla to protect the chin and neck, possibility of replacing the gorget by another of your choice

3rd - Breastplate and backplate forming a full breastplate. The breastplate is the key piece of armor that consists of the medieval chest and back or back

4th - Medieval shoulder adorned with reliefs in pauldrons, This piece of armor covers the shoulders and is anchored to the breastplate by means of leather straps. armor armguard, protection of the arms. Protection of the fighter's shoulders and arms. These pieces are handmade medieval armor, although they come in different sizes.

5. - Armguards in classic medieval style. Bracers are typical of fifteenth-century Gothic armour

6. - Medieval Gauntlets Hourglass. This type of gauntlet can be found on various depictions through the 14th and 15th centuries.

7. - Thighs, knee pads, greaves. Leg gear with knee tiles. Reinforcement elements to protect the leg, articulated so as to give maximum freedom of movement. The armor is made of 1mm - 1.2mm, on request 1.5mm. .

8. - Articulated iron shoe (armoured shoe) in defense of the foot with end of different formats of your choice.

This type of medieval armor was produced in northern Italy at the turn of 1400, gathering experience that French and English had already begun in the last two decades of the fourteenth century to solve problems of articulation of the thighs, and their full protection von Platte (Past the armament mix of leather and iron own the rest of Europe) the Germans began to process them..

Medieval armor handmade by artisans in Italy.
Weight: 35kg.



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1) Head circumference
just above the ears, center of the forehead, including headset cotton (if used)
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10) Total height (cm or in)

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4) Chest circumference

Measured along breast (bust)
6) Circumference at the waist (cm or in) - Measured hips

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