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Gothic Armour - Armour Functional

Gothic Armour - Armour Functional

Gothic armour completely portable and functional. Gothic armor includes all parts of the armature, which are shown in the image; handmade hand in Italy.
Manufacturer: : Avalon Shop
Product SKU: A012

Gothic armor completely portable and functional. Gothic armor includes all parts of the armature, which are shown in the image. Gothic armor consists of the following parts:

1 - Helmet Sallet in use by the heavy cavalry in the Late Middle Ages (thickness to choose from: 1.5 mm, 2 mm - steel helmet chance to replace it by another of your choice.)

2 - Bevor to protect the chin and throat, the possibility of replacing Bevor from another of your choice.

3 - Cuirass Armor consists of the pectoral and back armor.

4 - Pauldron Shoulder straps adorned with reliefs in shoulder protection, this piece of armor covers the shoulders and are anchored to the cuirass by means of leather straps.

5 - Couter (elbow protector) and through the Rerebrace (articulated more plates) connects to the shoulder and through the Vambrace (protection of the forearm) connects to the Gauntlet or Knob, couter this model is adorned with reliefs in the shape of bat wings, typical of Gothic Armor of the fifteenth century. .

6 - Articulated Gauntlets, medieval protective gloves to protect the hand and wrist.

7 - Cuisses, Poleyn, Greaves, Knee Cops, elements of armor to protect the leg, articulated so as to give maximum mobility to combatant

8 - Medieval Combat Armor Sabatons, shoes steel articulated. the shoes are made of cold rolled steel.

9 - Wooden base (40 x 50x 13 cm) and steel support for the frame.

Entirely made of steel and hand-crafted by artisans in Italy, with coietti leather to be worn.

Made of steel and fully wearable handmade comes with support and wooden base.

All of our reproductions of medieval armor and then also this German Gothic Armour are faithful reproductions of historical medieval armor for combat, can be worn for special events, historical re-enactment to compose your armor ideal. Armor handcrafted, and fit various sizes, using leather straps with buckles external adjustable, can be custom made. They are armor forged by hand by steel plates with processes not modern, such as the fold and polishing, the thickness can be selected from the following measures: 1 -1,2 - 1,5 mm.

Size 185 x 85 x 43 cm - Weight 35 kg.

Made of steel, handmade wearable and is fully equipped with a wooden sword and bearing steel.

Gothic Armor Functional you can customize - >>See Measures for Gothic Armour<<

Medieval Armour.

A stainless steel type is possible with 1200.00 € extra charge.


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Price / kg:
1) Head circumference
just above the ears, center of the forehead, including headset cotton (if used)
Steel finish Tooltip
10) Total height (cm or in)

Total Weight (Kg or Pounds)

4) Chest circumference

Measured along breast (bust)
Choice of Thickness
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Templar Armour
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Medieval Armour - Tournament Armor (Decorative)
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