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Firearms - Replicas

The flintlock was invented in 1550. A sharp piece of flint, tightly held in place between the jaws of the cock, strikes a hardened piece of steel and throws out a spark which ignites the powder. Although the flintlock mechanism of these pistols is fully articulated, the weapons is not functional and is a purely decorative item.

The first mention about a firearm, datable with certainity, goes back to the year 1326. The improvement of technology allowed, during the XVIth century, the realization on a large scale of more accurate and effective firearms, thanks to the introduction of automatic mechanisms for the ignition of the powder, while, the XIXth century, witnessed their hyperbolic evolution due to the adoption of revolutionary innovations in rapid succession. "Avalon" proposes a collection of XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries pistols, reproductions drawn from the originals of this age, when the firearm was not only a technological outcome, but also a piece of art. The firearms section is enriched by XIXth century models, both pistols and guns, to give, even of this particular kind of weapons, a complete survey. non Functional.

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