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Medieval Armor

Medieval Armor

Medieval armor period 1440, helmet with great Bascinet French; armor made of steel handmade with wood base. Medieval armor ideal for historical re-enactment and the medieval tournaments.
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Medieval armor period  1440, helmet with great Bascinet French; armor made of steel handmade with wood base. Medieval armor ideal for historical re-enactment and the medieval tournaments.

Medieval Armour with Bascinet French or great bascinet (c. 1440) with rounded skull and visor - rotation of the visor, the replacement of the camail by a plate gorget gave rise to the form of helmet known as the "great bascinet"

The armour is featuring the following parts: 

1- Bascinet Helmet or Great bascinet closed Helmet manually made of carbon steel wearable, used to heavy cavalry in the late middle ages (thickness to choose: 1.2 mm, 2 mm). 

2- Cuirass part of the medieval armour to protect the torso and back, made of Pectoral and back armour. Cuirass is made to your measures to be indicated in the order (chest circumference at breast level, total height and weight).

3- Pauldrons (Spaulders)  to protect shoulders, this part of the armour covers the back; the shoulder straps are anchored to cuirass via leather straps.

4- Armour to protect the arm, consisting of three parts: the upper cannon (forearm protection), the cubitiera (elbow protection) with lateral wing and lower cannon .

5- Medieval Gauntlets, medieval gloves to protect hand and wrist.

6- Poleyn, Schynbald (greaves),  medieval Cuisses items of armour that protects the leg, articulated in such a way as to give maximum mobility to the fighter.

7- Sabaton armor or Solleret - Articulated shoes in defence of the foot with the end of different formats of your choice, shoes are made of cold rolled steel. 


- Material: 1 mm - 1,2 mm - 1,5 mm (19 ga -16 ga) Steel.
- Helmet size: indicate the measure
- Indicate the measures: height of the person, weight, chest, head circumference. 
- Size is adjustable with leather straps and buckles
- Dimensions: (185 x 85 x 43 cm) 6-1/2 foot . 
- Weight: approx. 35 kg (77 lbs)

shipping weight: 49.00 kg

Delivery time: 10-16 days

Entirely made in Italy, steel, processed by hand, with leather straps to be worn.

In the middle ages there was in Italy a great centre of production for armours, where skilled craftsmen created armours for Knights used in fights, in ceremonies and parades. The first to create plate armour were the Italian artisans from Milanese, over the centuries, followed by German and French craftsmen who added decorations in relief. Note the difference in detail between this armour produced in Italy and others made elsewhere, there is no comparison.

Medieval armour have undergone many changes during the middle ages and the Renaissance, because in the middle ages the art of medieval armour manufacture was very evolved, many Knights and noblemen of the time had developed their own style in armours , as if they were taking part in a stylistic competition rather than a military one. And it is for this reason why the medieval armour section is so wide and rich in different styles. This armour is manufactured in Italy, faithful to the ancient artisan tradition of Italian gunsmiths, which since the middle ages has been passed down from generation to generation and come up to us. We are the only ones to be able to offer you a wide range of medieval armours with high finish from the functionality point of view, ensuring maximum comfort and protection during the fights, an outstanding product from the artistic point of view and from the low price, reducing costs due to commercial intermediaries, with the opportunity to customize the medieval armour according to your measurements.



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