Mask Tinia - God of the Sky

Mask Tinia - God of the Sky

Mask of divinity Etruscan, Tinia was the god of the sky, 4th century BC, terracotta sculpture.
Manufacturer: : Museum Pompeii
Product SKU: tinia_orvieto_20_5_cm

Sculpture in painted terracotta, a depiction the god of the sky, personage of classical mythology Etruscan was placed in homes to propitiate protection.

Reproduction of object of Etruscan art, entirely handmade terracottas, we follow the Ancient Greek and Roman techniques: Every piece is therefore unique.

- Material: terracotta sculpture
- Height: approx. 20,5 cm.
- Length: approx. 15 cm.
- Features: excellent resistance to all weather conditions: sun, rain, wind, frost, ice and durability in time.

The product of terracotta, reproduction of object of Etruscan art.
The product of terracotta, reproduction is made, following with great care and attention the traditional techniques, diffused in Roman times and abandoned with time.

Cults and Myths
Tinia (also Tin, Tinh, Tins or Tina) was the god of the sky and the highest god in Etruscan mythology, equivalent to the Roman Jupiter and the Greek Zeus. He was the husband of Thalna or Uni and the father of Hercle. The Etruscans believed in Nine Great Gods, who had the power of hurling thunderbolts; they were called Novensiles by the Romans. Of thunderbolts there were eleven sorts, of which Tinia, as the supreme thunder-god, wielded three. Tinia was also part of the powerful "trinity" that included Menrva and Uni and had temples in every city of Etruria. Tinia was sometimes represented as seated and with a beard or sometimes standing and beardless. In terms of symbolism, Tinia has the thunderbolt and the rod of power, and is generally accompanied by the eagle and sometimes has a wreath of ivy round his head, in addition to the other insignia of Jove.


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