Sculpture Figurine - Tania- Pierre

Sculpture Figurine - Tania- Pierre

Porcelain sculpture depicting little girl sitting, Tania 3.34in (8,5cm) - Pierre 5.11in (13cm), Wonderful porcelain sculpture, entirely handmade in Italy.
Manufacturer: : Sibania Porcelain Figurines
Product SKU: Tania_sib

Porcelain sculpture depicting little girl sitting, handmade enamel, hair, clothes, all porcelain.

Wonderful porcelain sculpture, entirely handmade in Italy by master craftsmen of the sculpture.

-Height: Tania 3.34in (8,5cm)- Pierre 5.11in (13cm)

-Title: Tania 3.34in (8,5cm) - Pierre 5.11in (13cm).

-Material: Porcelain, biscuit, firing at 1280 ° C, baking third fire (color) to 950 °. Unique work, sculpture comes with original box and certificate.

-Company: Sibania. leader in Italy in the production of dolls and sculptures in porcelain biscuit.

Materials research and the evolution of the art of the craft has led to develop this sculpture as a new way to realize the porcelain figures.
Sibania guarantees the absence of lead and cadmium from all materials used.


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