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Viking -Norman Helmet

Viking -Norman Helmet

Viking - Norman Helmet, The eye guard in particular suggests a close affinity with the earlier, Vendel Period helmets. From runestones and other illustrations, it is known that the Vikings also wore simpler helmets.
Manufacturer: : Medieval Craftsman
Product SKU: E244

Medieval Viking -Norman Helmet with visor, shaped to protect the face, which falls below the neck with eye slits and holes, made entirely of steel, handmade with leather straps to be worn. Norman Helmets medieval combat. Entirely made by Italian craftsmen in steel, handmade with belts leather to be worn. All of our historical reproductions of helmets in the Middle Ages, are forged by hand from a sheet of steel of a thickness between 1.2 and 2 mm.

The Viking Spangenhelm helmet and is so named for the eyepieces formed integrally with the nasal.

- Available in four sizes (S - M - L and XL) 
- Thickness of the steel to choose 1mm -2mm -(16 ga -14 ga).
- Finish: untreated (slightly oiled)
- Adjustable liner with chin straps is included.

 Delivery time: 5-8 days.


Viking Helmet is produced by highly skilled artisans in Italy, equipped with leather straps and external adjustable buckles to be worn.


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