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Burgonet Helmet - Burgundian Sallet

Burgonet Helmet - Burgundian Sallet

The burgonet helmet it was the successor of the sallet, sometimes called a burgundian sallet, very popular with the infantry but later the cavalry wore those helmets as well. It developed to the most worn helmet during the 16th and 17th Century.
Manufacturer: : Medieval Armor
Product SKU: E411

Burgonet helmet for armor is a type helmet with headgear, face uncovered.

This helmet is a neo-classical revival of ancient Greco-Roman designs which had been lost to Europe until their rediscovery in the Late middle Ages.

The burgonet helmet were very popular with knights in Central Europe during the 16th and 17th century.

The helmet is handmade from steel. Thickness of the steel to choose: 1,2 mm - 2 mm (18 ga -14 ga).

Leather chin-strap with stell buckle.

- Available in four sizes (S - M - L and XL)
- Thickness of the steel to choose: 1,2 mm - 2 mm (18 ga -14 ga).
- Finish: untreated (slightly oiled)
- with chin straps is included.

Delivery time: 5-8 days.

 Burgonet helmet is produced by highly skilled artisans in Italy.


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1) Head circumference
just above the ears, center of the forehead, including headset cotton (if used)
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