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Barbute Helmet

Barbute Helmet

The barbute helmet is the Italian variation of the sallet, is the helmet's downward extension, fully covering both sides of the fighter's face. The barbute helmet feature a low ridged crest forged into the top of the helmet's skull which serves to strengthen the helmet.
Manufacturer: : Avalon Shop
Product SKU: E347

The barbute helmet is war helmet of 15th-century, circa 1470, Italian design, attached to the head and ribs marked by a median line between the front and neck. Opening facial T, which leaves the face uncovered.

This barbute helmet design enabled the user to wear a gorget.

Its characteristic is very similar to types of ancient helmets (e.g. Corinthian helmets) and may have been influenced by the renewed interest in ancient history and arts, the renaissance.

The differences between the barbute and the Greek hoplite's helm, was that the Greek helmets were bronze while most barbutes were constructed of steel.

A comfortable, adjustable, and padded liner is riveted into the helmet, as well as a leather chin-strap with a stell buckle

- Available in four sizes (S - M - L and XL)
- Thickness of the steel to choose: 1,2 mm -1,5 mm (18 ga -16 ga).
- Finish: untreated (slightly oiled)
- Adjustable liner with chin straps is included.

Delivery time: 12 days.

 Barbute helmet  is produced by highly skilled artisans in Italy, equipped with leather straps and external adjustable buckles to be worn..



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