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Viking Helmets

Viking helmets have been excavated from only three sites: Gjermundbu in Norway, Tjele Municipality in Denmark and Lokrume in Sweden. It is possible that many of the Viking helmets were made from iron and was in the shape of a rounded or peaked cap made from four plates after the spangenhelm pattern. This helmet has a rounded cap and has a "spectacle" guard around the eyes and nose which formed a sort of mask, in addition to a possible mail aventail. The eye guard in particular suggests a close affinity with the earlier, Vendel Period helmets. From runestones and other illustrations, it is known that the Vikings also wore simpler helmets, often caps with a simple noseguard.

 Medieval Helmets - Viking helmets
 Casques Médiévaux - Casques Vikings
 Helme Ritterhelme - Wikingerhelme
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