Renaissance armor - Breastplate Etching

Renaissance armor - Breastplate Etching

Breastplate Etching , simple chest armor to protect the front of the trunk
Manufacturer: : Collection Marto Toledo
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Simple chest armor to protect the front of the trunk. Typical model dell'armoreria Spanish sixteenth century, embellished with incised decorations depicting floral motifs and mythological. Worn mainly by foot was connected to the torso by means of leat.

In medieval weaponry, the breastplate is the front portion of plate armour covering the torso. It has been a military mainstay since ancient times and was usually made of leather, bronze or iron in antiquity.

By around 1000 AD, solid plates had fallen out of use in Europe and knights of the period were wearing mail in the form of a hauberk over a padded tunic. True breastplates reappear in Europe in 1340 first composed of wrought iron and later of steel.


* Breastplate Etching, Medieval Details.

* Natural Size.

* 49 x 40 cm


Excellent Breastplate from Exclusive Collection "Historical Armors" from Marto.

Certificate of Origin and Quality. Made in Toledo, Spain.


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