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This text was published for the first time in one book in the 80's from the publisher Libreria Editoriale Sibilla and distributed free of charge, it contains important revelations communicated to a famous medium. In view of the information received, the author has requested that these messages were disseminated so that they could make use, but at the same time it is recommended that there was no commercial speculation. So: a must anonymity. this text was published a second time, in 1993 in the periodical newspaper "L'Altra Scienza" Libreria Editoriale Sibilla publishing (registered at the court of Genoa No 36/92 Release 2235/92 Registry).

in 2000 years, the text arrived in the hands to various operators, they believed that the unknown and unpublished, was marketed in several editions, with great disappointment of us, and often paying as author "Count of Saint Germain, Cagliostro, Joseph Benner".

We have therefore decided to publish the original version on this web site (where the author has worked for several years in anonymity), so that all may know him for free.

The author has decided to keep this blog a book to study issues, anyone interested Contact us.



Table of Contents

I AM - 1
Be Still and Know I AM God - 4
I, Life, God - 7
For I AM LIFE - 8
Consciousness, Intelligence, Will - 9
The Key - 13
Thinking and Creating - 15
The Word - 20
My Idea - 22
The Garden of Eden - 26
Good and Evil - 30
Use - 33
Soul Mates - 38
Authority - 40
Mediums and Mediators - 43
Masters - 45
The Christ and Love - 51
Finding Me - 55
Union - 62



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